LSP and Wetland Permitting Services – Abandoned Industrial Complex, Abington, MA

Four Releases, as defined by the MCP, have been identified at this abandoned former industrial facility. A river bisects the site, flowing beneath former industrial structures via culverts. Additional wetland resource areas subject to protection under the Wetlands Protection Act exist at the site including bordering land subject to flooding, bordering vegetated wetland, and 200-foot Riverfront Area. Nover-Armstrong filed a Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission and received an approved Order of
Conditions to conduct necessary MCP Response Actions.

MassDEP received a petition from a group of residents of Abington, requesting that the Site be designated a PIP Site. Nover-Armstrong prepared a Draft PIP and presented it at a public meeting. In preparation, Nover-Armstrong conducted interviews with several petitioners and town officials. The concerns identified were presented in the Draft PIP. Following the closing of the public comment period, the PIP was finalized.

Nover-Armstrong has been conducting MCP remedial and assessment Response Actions at the site including: soil, groundwater, and stream sediment sampling & analysis; cleanout of a box culvert and floor drains; removal of oil-stained concrete from equipment pads; and decommissioning of a large sump pit. A Stage II Ecological Risk Characterization is currently being conducted as part of an overall Method 3 Risk Characterization for the Site. It is anticipated an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) will be required to support a Permanent Solution at this site.

Nover-Armstrong is collaboratively working with the developer to ensure that MCP assessment and remedial response actions dovetail with future redevelopment scenarios.