Nover-Armstrong Plans for the Future

Published 12/01/2014

When Nover-Armstrong first opened its doors over a decade ago, the 1600 square feet of our current space was more than sufficient; it was rather spacious. As the years have gone on, Nover-Armstrong has expanded, both in its operations and in the number of personnel. With this expansion, the space that was once felt cavernous had become quite cramped and, with a strong outlook for growth in 2015 and beyond, the Nover-Armstrong team felt that the time was right for an expansion of our office space as well. As fate would have it, additional space was available close by in our current building. After some light renovation, a new carpet and a fresh coat of paint, the new space looks great and is ready to be occupied by our employees. The Nover-Armstrong team truly believes that this new space will be a great place to work for years to come and affirms the Nover-Armstrong team’s commitment to maintaining a very high level of employee satisfaction and giving our employees a working experience that is bar none.