Environmental Assessment Services – Boston, Massachusetts

Non-Profit Organization

Nover-Armstrong has been providing professional environmental assessment services to a non-profit organization and has played a crucial role in helping the organization obtain funding from the Massachusetts Housing Authority for property renovations. Nover-Armstrong has conducted dozens of comprehensive AAI & ASTM-compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) of properties located in the Dorchester, Roxbury and South End neighborhoods of Boston, Massachusetts as well as Gloucester, Massachusetts. The assessments included detailed inspection of the sites and adjoining properties and reviews of publicly-available documents in order to identify potential recognized environmental conditions at the sites. In addition, Nover-Armstrong’s licensed Asbestos Inspectors completed bulk material sampling for asbestos and radon testing at the sites. Nover-Armstrong managed and completed the production of the final reports for each site within budget in a timely and professional manner.