Hazardous Materials Building & Bridge Surveys – MBTA Green Line Extension

Nover-Armstrong has been conducting multiple surveys for hazardous materials (PCBs, heavy metals, asbestos, lead-based paint, oils, etc.) at improvements located along MBTA’s proposed Green Line Extension, including occupied commercial and industrial buildings, railway bridges, viaducts, bus station buildings and train station buildings. Building surveys include materials assessment, sampling & analysis & quantification of materials containing hazardous materials.
Suspect hazardous materials surveyed by Nover-Armstrong have included mortar, concrete, caulking, painted surfaces, pipe insulation, dry wall, cove base, ceiling materials, vinyl floor tile, mastic, stair treads, ceramic tile and roofing materials. Nover-Armstrong’s services have also included preparation of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), assistance with Self-Implementing Cleanup Plans (SIPs), and dust monitoring during PCB abatement activities. Nover-Armstrong’s hazardous materials building surveys have contributed to the overall design phase for the MBTA Green Line Extension Project.